Onion Flower
Our famous colossal onion, cut and spread like a flower,battered and fried adelicious golden brown. $8.99
Onion Rings - Same great taste,different shape - Onion Rings! $8.99

BBQ Rib Tips
1 lb. of our dry-rubbed and char-grilledRib Tips. They’re delicious! $9.99

Smokehouse Wings
Plump and mouth-watering. Choose Cajun, Hot Cajun,BBQ or Hot BBQ. (12) 11.99 (24) $23.99

BBQ Nachos
Fresh made tortilla chips smothered in meltedMonterrey Jack and Cheddar cheeses, topped withyour choice of Chopped Beef Brisket or Georgia Pork,diced tomatoes, jalapeños, green onions, drizzled withChipotle and served with a side of sour cream. $9.99

Sweet Potato Fries
Our sweet potato fries served with a side of ourLiquid Gold BBQ Sauce. $7.99

Chicken Tenders
(4) fresh & tender, hand-breaded chicken strips.Choose Original, BBQ or Cajun-style. $8.99

Cajun Catfish Strips
One of our favorites! (5) seasoned and hand-breadedcatfish fillets fried a delicious golden brown. $8.99

Parker's Sampler Platter
A platter-full of our Rib Tips, Chicken Tenders, CajunCatfish Strips & Rib Ranch Wings. Served with celery &Chipotle Ranch dip. $15.99

Bacon Cheese Fries
Steak fries topped with melted Cheddar & Jack cheeses,hickory-smoked bacon & green onions. $8.99 Half - $4.50

Add (2)Ribs to anyentree for$3.99

Salads & Homemade Soups

Served with your CHOICE OF DRESSING & a CORN BREAD MUFFIN.Dressings: Ranch, Blue Cheese, 1000 Island, Dorothy Lynch, Italian, Chipotle Ranch, Honey Mustard & Raspberry VinaigretteParker's Signature Salad
Choice of Rotisserie Chicken, Chopped Pork, BeefBrisket or Grilled Salmon with fresh greens, tomatoes,almonds, Cheddar & Jack cheeses, croutons &Oriental noodles. $11.99Cajun Chicken Salad
Grilled butterfly chicken breast blackened with Cajunspices, Julienne cut & tossed with fresh greens, onions,tomatoes, mushrooms & croutons. $11.99Crispy Chicken Salad
Our favorite salad! Hand-breaded chicken tenders tossedwith fresh greens, tomatoes, almonds, Cheddar &Jack cheeses, croutons & crunchyOriental noodles. $11.99HOMEMADE SOUPSSoup & Salad Combo
8 oz Cup of Soup and a Side Salad with a muffin. $6.99Homemade Southwest Chicken Tortilla
8 oz Cup - $3.99 16 oz Bowl - $6.49

Parker's Legendary Chili
Made with Angus beef, Samuel Adams Lager & toppedwith green onions, Cheddar & Jack cheeses.8 oz Cup - $3.69 16 oz Bowl - $5.79

Fire Grilled Burgers

For your total taste satisfaction, we hand patty Angus Beef for our burgers. The tastiest, juiciest beef makes them the tastiest, juiciest burgers around! Our burgers are served with your CHOICE OF (1) SIDE DISH Choose Sweet Potato Fries for $1 more!All-American Burger
A 1/2 lb. classic smothered with your choice of cheeseand garnished upon request. $8.99Smokehouse Burger
Our hickory-smoked 1/2 lb. Angus beef patty, fire-grilledand caramelized in BBQ sauce is topped with PepperJack cheese and thick strips of bacon. $9.99Swiss Mushroom Burger
Smothered with sauteed mushrooms andmelted Swiss cheese. $9.99Smoked Brisket Burger
Topped with Smoked Chopped Beef Brisketand cheddar cheese. $10.99Grilled Black Bean Burger
Just in case, we’ve created this for our non-meat eatingfriends. A Southwest-style, vegan black bean burgerwith red and green bell peppers served with a fullgarnish. $10.99

Indicates a House Specialty

Gluten Free Menu available upon request.

Smokin’ Sandwiches

BBQ Sandwiches served with your CHOICE OF (1) SIDE DISH.Choose Sweet Potato Fries for $1 more!Make your sandwich “MEMPHIS STYLE” for 50¢ extra.Texas Beef Brisket
Tender, slow-smoked Texas-style beef brisket served ona fresh Rotella kaiser bun. $9.99Georgia Pulled Pork
Rubbed, smoked, pulled and served on a fresh Rotellakaiser bun. $8.99Prime Rib Reuben
Our shaved prime rib with sauerkraut, 1000 Islanddressing and Swiss cheese, served on fresh Rotellathick-sliced Marble Rye. $10.99BBQ Pulled Chicken
Roasted chicken (pulled & slathered in our signatureBBQ sauce) and Jack cheese on a kaiser bun. $9.99The Nebraska Melt
Thin slices of shaved smoked prime rib, sauteedmushrooms and onions, Cheddar and Jack cheeseon grilled marble rye. $10.99Spicy Hot Link Sausage
Smoked, slathered & char-broiled, then toppedwith grilled onions, peppers & Jack cheese ona fresh Rotella hoagie bun. $10.99

More Smokin’ Sandwiches

Cajun Chicken Sandwich
Hand-breaded butterfly chicken breast, coated with ourhomemade Cajun sauce, golden-fried & topped withhickory-smoked bacon, Pepper Jack cheese & a side ofzesty Chipotle Ranch. $10.99French Dip
Tender slices of smoked prime rib, sauteed mushrooms,onions and Swiss cheese piled high on a fresh Rotellahoagie bun. $10.99Smokehouse Chicken
Char-broiled chicken breast (caramelized with oursignature BBQ sauce) topped with Jack cheese &sizzling bacon on a fresh Rotella kaiser bun. $9.99Chipotle Chicken
Grilled & Cajun-seasoned butterfly chicken breast,topped with lettuce, tomato & onion on a sesame seedKaiser. Served with our famous chipotle ranch dip. $9.99The Pit Master
1/4 lb (each) of our Georgia Chopped Pork & Texas BeefBrisket, served side-by-side & topped with chunks ofHot Link Sausage on a fresh Rotella hoagie bun. $11.99

Smokin’ Good BBQ

Served with a CORN BREAD MUFFIN & your CHOICE OF(2) SIDE DISHES. Choose Sweet Potato Fries as one of your sidesfor $1 more! Add (2) Ribs to any entree for $3.99 extra.St. Louis-Style BBQ Spare Ribs
Slow hickory-smoked, St. Louis-style ribs.4 Bones - $13.99 6 Bones - $16.99 12 Bones - $22.99Georgia Pulled Pork
Our slow-cooked and hickory-smoked Pork is fork-tender& rich in flavor. $13.99Smoked Texas Beef Brisket
Our tender, slow-smoked, Texas style beef brisketwill melt in your mouth. $16.99Roasted or BBQ Chicken
Choose either hickory-smoked BBQ or Roasted Chicken.Seasoned 1/2 chicken. $13.99 All white, add 50¢Rib Tips
Our hickory-smoked, dry-rubbed andchar-grilled Rib Tips. They’re delicious! $13.99Hot Link Sausage
A 1/2 pound of our hickory-smoked, plump Italiansausage, slathered with tangy BBQ sauce. $13.99

Prime Rib & Smokehouse Favorites


Served with a CORN BREAD MUFFIN & your CHOICE of (2) Side Dishes. Choose Sweet Potato Fries as one of your sides for $1 more! Add (2) Ribs to any entree for 3.99 extra.Smoked Prime Rib
Available after 5 pm on Friday & Saturday, and ALL DAYSunday. Served with Au Jus & (horseradish on request).Please ask your server for current market price. Served with a Corn Bread Mufffin & (2) side dishes. Choose Sweet Potato Fries as one of your sides for $1 more.SMOKEHOUSE FAVORITES
Served with a CORN BREAD MUFFIN.Chicken or Cajun Catfish Strips
Choose either hand-breaded Chicken strips or ourCajun-spiced Catfish Strips served with two sides. $13.99Choose Sweet Potato Fries as your side for $1 more!Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken
Choice of hand-battered steak or butterfly chicken breast,served with mashed potatoes & country gravy. $13.99Salmon
Wood-fired Atlantic salmon fillet. $16.99Hot Beef Dinner
Texas-style beef brisket over Texas toast served withmashed potatoes & brown gravy. $13.99

Parker’s Feasts

BBQ Feast for Two (Serves 2 - 3)
1/2 portion of our Ultimate BBQ Feast (below). $34.99Ultimate BBQ Feast (Serves 4 - 6)
A full 12 bone slab of our St. Louis-style Spareribs, awhole roasted or BBQ Chicken, a 1/2 lb of tender TexasBeef Brisket OR juicy Georgia Chopped Pork, Ranch Fries,Coleslaw, Baked Beans, Cinnamon Apples &(4) Cornbread Muffins. $68.99BUILD YOUR OWN BBQ
Served with a CORN BREAD MUFFIN & your CHOICE OF (2) SIDEDISHES. Choose Sweet Potato Fries as one of your sides for $1!Two Meat Combo
Your choice of two: Rib Tips, Brisket, Pork, Chicken (BBQor Roasted), Catfish, Chicken Strips or Hot Links. $16.99Three Meat Combo
Choice of (3): Rib Tips, Brisket, Pork, Hot Links, Chicken(BBQ or Roasted), Catfish, Chicken Strips or Ribs. $18.99Rib & Meat Combo
(4) Ribs plus one: Rib Tips, Brisket, Pork, Chicken (BBQor Roasted), Catfish, Chicken Strips or Hot Links. $17.99


All are our homemade creations & served with (2) spoons.Emily's Peanut Butter Pie
Homemade creamy Peanut Butter Mousse topped withpeanut butter cups & swirled Hershey Chocolate over adelicious graham cracker crust. $6.99Parker's Mug Cake
Hershey’s chocolate cobbler layered with Vanilla Icecream, whipped topping & chocolate syrup. $5.99Homemade Carrot Cake
Homemade from scratch, everyday! Topped with realcream cheese frosting. $6.99Caramel Apple Cobbler
Served hot & crispy with Vanilla Ice Cream. $6.99

Indicates a House Specialty


Fountain Drinks
Please ask your server for a list of our Pepsi productsFlavored Lemonade
One Free Refill
Choose (1) of our awesome flavors, or mix yourfavorite combination! Choose from: Mango,Strawberry, Peach or Raspberry. Glass rimmedwith Countrytime Lemonade crystals to givethis taste sensation ADDED ZING!

Please ask your server for details on ourbeer selection. We stock locally brewedbeers on tap, and national brands in bottles.

Cabernet · MerlotWhite Zinfandel · Chardonnay

Indicates a House Specialty


(10 and under). Served with Fries & Pop. Dine-in Only.
$5.99 eachPork SandwichQuarter Chicken(Roasted or BBQ)Chicken StripsCorn PuppiesTwo Rib DinnerBronco BurgerGrilled CheeseSandwichGluten Free menus available upon request.

On the Side

Mashed Potatoes withCountry or Brown Gravy $2.99
Romano Potatoes $2.99
Steak Fries $2.99
Baked Beans $2.99
Potato Salad $2.99
Cinnamon Apples $2.99
Cole Slaw $2.99
Baked Potato $2.99
Load it up for 50¢
Steamed Veggies $ $2.99
Onion Rings* $3.29
Sweet Potato Fries* $3.29
Side Salad* $3.29
*If item is chosen as a side withentree - add $1.00 to price of entree.

Lunch Combos

Available M-F 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Senior Citizens may enjoy any time
Served with a CORN BREAD MUFFIN & your CHOICE of (1) SIDE DISH. Choose Sweet Potato Fries as one of your sides for $1 more! Add (2) Ribs to any entree for $3.99 extra.Three St. Louis Style Ribs $9.99
Three Catfish Strips $8.99
Three Chicken Strips $8.99
Quarter of a Chicken $7.99
Two St. Louis Ribs & Three Catfish Strips $11.99
Two St. Louis Ribs & Two Chicken Strips $11.99
Two St. Louis Ribs & a Quarter of a Chicken $11.99

Gluten Free Menu

Hamburger (No Seasoning)
Boneless Chicken Strips (Grilled, No Seasoning)
Chicken Breast (Grilled, No Seasoning)
Salmon (Grilled, No Seasoning)

No Bacon or Croutons, Cheese is Okay
Ranch, Chipotle Ranch, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Dorothy Lynch

Texas Red, Original & Feature

Baked Potato (No Seasoning)
Mashed Potato (No Gravy)
Baked Sweet Potato Fries (No Seasoning)
Steamed Veggies (No Seasoning)

Our smoked meat is dry-rubbed with BBQ seasoning. It's best not to try it.

This is the best time of year for catering! One phone call and Debbie will answer all your questions!